Welcome to Deadwood guitars!  Deadwood Guitar Company is an innovative company based in Lexington, Georgia, that prides itself in hand crafting guitars from local woods. Instead of importing wood we use available trees that have to come down and hand craft them into beautiful one of a kind instruments. Some of these trees are very rare and limited which can give the guitar a unique sound and look.  By repurposing these trees we are doing our part as a green company to give these woods a new life. We invite you to please take a moment to explore Deadwood Guitar Co.  
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The Woods

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    Most of the woods we use are local woods from the North Georgia area.  These woods are limited and sometimes rare which makes each guitar a one of a kind with a unique look and sound.  We leave a lot of the character of the wood in our guitars resulting in a very natural appearance. 
Some of these woods are:
  1.  Eastern Cedar
  2.  Black Walnut
  3.  Maple
  4.  Cherry
  5.  Sycamore
  6.  Satin Walnut
  7.  Pecan
  8.  Persimmon
  9.  Black Locust
  10.  Tsuga Spruce
  11.  White Oak

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