Our Story...


Deadwood Guitar Company was created from the passion and love that the company’s owner, Jason Booth, has for music and woodworking.  As a previous trim carpenter, Jason fell in love with the beauty and character of North Georgia’s local woods. 


“There are so many fallen trees in North Georgia available, so I thought. Why wouldn’t it work?   Even these woods can be extremely rare and exotic in their own way. So we started  repurposing falIen trees from our region to create one of a kind hand crafted guitars. From rough lumber to refined instruments we pride ourselves on hand making, shaping. molding and crafting every piece with passion and soul. I love the way they sound, their natural beauty, including knots and streaks, their distinctive tone and their overall warmth. This is how we define our guitars. This way we can keep our guitar making authentic and embrace the whole character of it.”

Our mission is to re-purpose fallen trees or ones that have to come down, into something remarkable; it's our way of being green.  A tree that might end up as firewood now becomes a beautiful instrument creating music for years to come, and a family heirloom to be pasted down from generation to generation.